Overcoming “But What If I Need That Money?”

by Jackie Beck

This debt payoff story is from Ashley Barnett, who is a 36 year old married mother of two.

She currently works from home doing office management for a landscaping company. She’s been writing about personal finance at Money Talks Coaching for 6 years and loves it!

Let’s hear her story. Read the rest of this entry

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Pay Less, Have More Money

by Jackie Beck

Want to pay less for things than you otherwise might, and have more money available for the
things you want to do?

Then get out of debt, and stay out of debt.

Why? Read the rest of this entry

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Kick It Into High Gear

by Jackie Beck

You want to pay off debt, right? You’re working hard, and you’ve got a plan. You’ve probably even seen some good progress compared to when you first started. But for this week, let’s try something more. Let’s kick it into high gear. Read the rest of this entry

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Why Changing Your Mind About Debt is Critical

by Jackie Beck

Why changing your mind about debt is critical

Successfully getting our of debt – for good – requires changing your belief system.

It’s an integral part of the process, but one that many people spend little to no conscious effort on.

It’s time to change that. Doing so starts with thinking about the definition of debt. Read the rest of this entry

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