Are You Taking Debt Advice From the Wrong People?

by Jackie Beck

People who haven't gotten out of debt themselves don't know what it's like If you’re working on getting out of debt, don’t take advice from the wrong people.

Who exactly are the wrong people? People who haven’t been there, and successfully done that when it comes to getting out of debt.

You see, people who have never been in debt don’t understand that getting out isn’t a matter of applying logic. Read the rest of this entry

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You Need a Cheering Section

by Jackie Beck

Paying off debt? Here's why you need a cheering sectionPaying off debt takes time, so you need a cheering section to help you stay motivated and on track along the way.

This cheering section could be someone you know in your everyday life who supports your goal, bloggers who are working on paying off debt, people in the Debt Mythbusters Facebook group, or even people that don’t interact directly with you (like listening to debt-related podcasts).

Or it could be some combination of the above. Whatever works for you is what it takes. Read the rest of this entry

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It’s Not What You Buy

by Jackie Beck

Give debt a knockout punchPeople sometimes think that you have to use debt in order to have nice things (or even just to live a normal life.)

The thing is, it’s not what we buy or spend money on that puts us into debt.

It’s how we choose to get the things we want: with debt or with money.

What it feels like to use money instead of debt

I’ve bought vacations using debt, and I’ve bought (significantly more expensive) vacations using money. In both cases, I bought a vacation. I came home guilt free from the ones I paid for with money, and with a sense of unease and stress from the ones I paid for with debt.

What I bought had nothing to do with it. That’s something that’s often confused.

The truth is, you can have the vacations and meals out either way, but one way is a whole lot more satisfying — and actually easier to do once you’re successfully out of debt. Read the rest of this entry

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How to Say No Gracefully

by Jackie Beck

easy phrases and ways to say noI’ve talked before about how saying “no” is a viable option when you’re asked to do something that doesn’t fit your budget.

But for many people, saying no is hard to do — especially if you feel embarrassed about your financial state, or feel socially obligated to say yes.

So how do you say no without stressing out about it? Read the rest of this entry

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