Are You a Whiner, or a Go-Getter?

by Jackie Beck

Be a go-getterIt’s interesting how different people can look at the same situation and come away with completely different perspectives.

Take a look at these two comments, which were both in response to the exact same article about getting out of debt. Read the rest of this entry

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The Miracle of Enough

by Jackie Beck

Take time to see the miracle of enoughIn a world where consumerism rules, too few of us really take the time to revel in the miracle of enough.

Not because we don’t have enough, but because we have too much.

We just don’t recognize it, because we’re conditioned to believe that more is always better.

A distorted sense of normality

Our sense of normal is distorted by the media. We feel like the things we do have aren’t good enough.

Advertising is everywhere, even if you don’t watch TV. It’s so pervasive that we aren’t even consciously aware of it much of the time.

So how do we get from buy, buy, buy, and I want, I want, I want, to a life filled with satisfaction? Read the rest of this entry

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Willpower Alone Won’t Cut It

by Jackie Beck

That goes for both dieting and debt!Have you ever tried to diet over the holidays? With everyone and their brother urging you to eat calorie-laden goodies?

Yeah, that doesn’t work.

It’s also a perfect example of why willpower alone won’t cut it — whether you’re dieting OR paying off debt.

What you need to succeed

Now imagine this. You know exactly what your goal is, and those around you share the same goal and point of view. You encourage each other, and naturally do things that are aligned with your goal. Read the rest of this entry

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From Only Paying Minimums to Paying off $50K

by Jackie Beck

Debt free story about fighting back from over $50K in credit card debtLet’s hear from Grayson, who is a personal finance writer and business owner, about how he fought back from over $50,000 in credit card debt.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into credit card debt?

Where should I start? My credit card debt was two-fold. I was young, carefree, and wanted to start a business. I was also in college. I signed up for my first card in order to score a free t-shirt. What college student doesn’t want a free t-shirt. I didn’t really care much for the card, but it did give me points to buy electronics from Sony. Since I loved electronics, I thought it would be OK to use the card. Read the rest of this entry

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