by Jackie Beck

There’s no doubt about it: $10,000,000 is a lot of money. And wiping out that much debt in 90 days is the stated goal of the Debt Movement, which kicked off January 2nd.

The real goal, though, is something even more important: creating a community that can band together to annihilate debt and become financially free. After all, it’s your life that will change for the better when you’re no longer shackled by debt.

Get the support you need

Because we live in such a pro-debt world, getting the support you need when paying off debt is critical.

You can do so by joining the forums at http://debtmovement.com/forums/, reporting your progress, and interacting with other like-minded people.

Like an old-time barn raising where neighbors banded together to build a barn in a single day, things are just easier when you’ve got everyone working together toward the same goal. Your energy is focused on the hugely positive aspects of getting out of debt, and on the successes you have along the way. And when you get discouraged, there’ll be people there to pick you up.

So take these next 90 days as a chance to really focus your get-out-of-debt game. Be a part of the debt movement today!

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