Do These Two Things to Get Out of Debt

The one critical step so many people forget when getting out of debtWhen you first decide to get out of debt, it’s common to spend a bunch of time analyzing your debts and trying to figure out the “best” way to pay them off.

Should you pay a little bit extra to each one every month? Should you focus on just one with the debt snowball method? Use a debt avalanche? Reduce your interest rates?

But there’s one critical thing so many people forget to even think about, let alone do.
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The Giant List of Free Things to Do for Fun

Pin now for later: The giant list of more than 100 free things to do for fun.It’s true: the best things in life are free.

Sometimes though, it can be hard to think of free things to DO when you’re working on getting out of debt.

To help with that, here’s a giant list of free things to do to keep you occupied and perk you up while you’re paying off debt. (Because we can all use some fun in our lives.)

Pick a few and enjoy!
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When the Budget Never Seems to Come Out Right

What to watch out for when the budget never seems to come out rightBudgeting isn’t just about the numbers. Learning how to make a monthly budget is fairly simple once you actually sit down and DO it a few times. (Here’s a template if you want one.) Instead, budgeting is about sticking to the plan once you’ve created it.

That’s what’s likely to give folks trouble.

Why? Well, anyone can look at $2500 in monthly take-home pay, for example, and realize that they’ve got a maximum of $2500 a month to spend.

But it’s a lot more difficult to emotionally recognize the financial impact of all the unplanned day-to-day spending on the big picture.
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Nurture Your Debt-Free Dream

What will you do when you're debt free?You want to get out of debt. You dream of being debt free. You work hard at it, sending in extra payments and finding additional ways to cut back and bring in more money.

But sometimes, it feels like you’re getting nowhere fast.

That’s exactly when it’s most important to nurture your debt-free dream.
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