Hustle + Grit + a Good Plan = Debt Free!

by Jackie Beck

This 20-something paid off over $30,000 in student loans in just 10 months.Meet Whitney Hansen, a 20-something who has kicked some serious money- and goal-setting butt — including paying off $30,000 in student loans in just 10 months. Here’s her inspiring story.

It starts with some serious hustle

“I graduated from high school in 2006 and didn’t really have the financial support system to get me through college, so I had to figure it out on my own. I moved to Boise (2 hours away) the night of graduation and started cosmetology school the very next day. I did the nail tech portion which was 3 months, so by August 2006, I was licensed, employed and beginning my college career studying Accounting at Boise State University. That mini career allowed me to have a decent income during college and I purchased my first home when I was 19.” Read the rest of this article

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The Surprising Truth Behind Debt Reduction

by Jackie Beck

The surprising truth behind debt reductionReady to start your debt payoff race? Here’s a surprising truth about that: It doesn’t start where you might think.

Ask someone how to get out of debt, and most people will start by telling you to make a list of your debts.

That makes sense, because it’s the first step in using the debt snowball method (an awesome way to get out of debt), but that’s NOT the starting point. Read the rest of this article

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Take the Gift List Challenge

by Jackie Beck

I'm taking the Gift List ChallengeAh, Christmastime. That time of year from now ’til December 24th when we hit the sales and buy buy buy, trying to find just the right thing (or sometimes just anything) for all of the people on our list.

And then comes January, with its credit card statements and post-holiday regret.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So if you’re with me, take the gift list challenge. Read the rest of this article

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How to Actually GET the Rebates You Qualify For

by Jackie Beck

Rebates can save you a bundle if you were planning to buy the item anyway. Make sure you actually GET the rebate money back with these tips.We’ve probably all been swayed by an appealing rebate. They’re especially common with cell phones and other electronics — and they can save you a bundle if you were going to buy the item anyway.

But there’s a catch: unless you submit the rebate in a timely and accurate manner, that potential savings will evaporate.

Here’s how to actually get the rebates that you qualify for. Read the rest of this article

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