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Why 0% Interest Offers Can Drain Your Wallet

by Jackie Beck

We’ve all seen the offers: 0% interest for one year with a minimum purchase of $200, 90 days same as cash, no interest until next year, etc. So what incentive is there to save up for something that we want …

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Thinking of Credit Repair? Think Twice

by Jackie Beck

You’ve probably heard ads promising to fix bad credit. The thing is, some credit repair agencies use tactics that are just plain illegal, that don’t work, or both — leaving you out hundreds or thousands of dollars; the last thing …

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Debunking the “Never Close Your Oldest Credit Card” Myth

by Jackie Beck

In this video, I interviewed John Ulzheimer (who is a nationally recognized expert — and expert witness — on credit reporting, credit scoring and identity theft) about one of the biggest credit score myths out there: the idea that closing …

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Is There an Error on Your Credit Report?

by Jackie Beck

Credit reports (and the credit scores based on them) are now used for more than just getting loans. For example, your credit reports may be used to determine whether or not to rent to you, to decide how much you …

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