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Murphy’s Law and Debt

by Jackie Beck

Murphy’s Law states that “If anything can go wrong, it will.” When it comes to debt, it feels like Murphy’s Law takes effect the moment you start to make a little bit of progress. It’s like some little creature that …

Posted in Budgeting, Emergency Funds on 10.23.13 | 2 Comments

How Did I Get Here?

by Jackie Beck

Life is a series of small choices that, taken together, led to where you are today. So you may want to ask yourself…how did I get here? Especially if you aren’t yet where you’d love to be financially, taking a …

Posted in Emergency Funds on 02.27.13 | 8 Comments

Emergencies Happen

by Jackie Beck

Have you ever wondered why Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step One is to create a thousand dollar beginning emergency fund? I’m guessing it’s because emergencies happen. To all of us, and having actual money on hand to pay for them is …

Posted in Emergency Funds on 07.09.12 | 2 Comments