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Want to be Debt Free? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

by Jackie Beck

One of the keys to getting out of debt is focus — and that means putting your money where your mouth is. In other words, if you want to get out of debt in a timely manner, you’ve got to …

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Take a Stand

by Jackie Beck

According to Psychology Today, the “act of writing down what you are going to do is a strong motivator”. I’ve definitely found that to be true in my own life, both when it comes to goals and to behavior change. …

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Only YOU Can Prevent Debt: 4 Ways to Avoid Taking on Debt

by Jackie Beck

The one good thing about debt is that it doesn’t just magically appear. You have a choice in the matter. That’s good news because it means borrowing money is something you can avoid. (Mentally insert a serious-yet-appealing mascot here, who …

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Talk Yourself Out of Debt

by Jackie Beck

Did you know you can talk yourself out of debt? Maybe even literally? Here’s the deal: what you say to yourself matters, and I don’t just mean in some woo-woo kind of way.  Tell yourself something over and over again …

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