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The Surprising Truth Behind Debt Reduction

by Jackie Beck

Ready to start your debt payoff race? Here’s a surprising truth about that: It doesn’t start where you might think. Ask someone how to get out of debt, and most people will start by telling you to make a list …

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Brainstorm Your Way Out of Debt

by Jackie Beck

It’s no surprise that the typical approach to paying off debt focuses on, well, the debts themselves — their interest rates, what order to pay them in, etc — and often on ways to make extra money or reduce expenses. …

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Get Out of Debt Fast — The Real Way

by Jackie Beck

Who wouldn’t want to get out of debt fast? Debt can be an enormous burden, one that weighs on you and holds you back from many opportunities. So of course, the faster you can change that, the better. The only …

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In Debt Up to Your Eyeballs?

by Jackie Beck

Let’s face it, when it feels like you’re in debt up to your eyeballs, it can get a little depressing. This is especially the case when most of the debt is concentrated in just one or two large loans, such …

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