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Are You Taking Debt Advice From the Wrong People?

by Jackie Beck

If you’re working on getting out of debt, don’t take advice from the wrong people. Who exactly are the wrong people? People who haven’t been there, and successfully done that when it comes to getting out of debt. You see, …

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Test Your Assumptions

by Jackie Beck

Why are you in debt? How did you get there, and what’s keeping you there? The answers might not be what you think, so it pays to test your assumptions. Doing so can literally change your approach and give a …

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Now Available for Kindle

by Jackie Beck

Just a quick note today to let you know that the free Debt Mindset Reset email course is now available in Kindle format too. (Which you can also view on your iPad using the Kindle app.) It’s the exact same …

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Zoom in on the Little Picture

by Jackie Beck

You know how sometimes it’s easy to overlook the big picture? (Such as by not realizing how much a bunch of little purchases add up to if you don’t track your spending along the way.) Many times that’s a bad …

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