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It’s the Great Thanksgiving Charity Giveaway (Plus Your Chance to Win $125 for Yourself)

by Jackie Beck

Thanksgiving is for feeling grateful and for giving, and with this giveaway you have the chance to do both! Here’s the deal: 10 bloggers (including myself) teamed up to give you the chance to win $125 via PayPal for yourself …

Posted in Miscellaneous on 11.06.14 | 3 Comments

Want to Win an iPad Mini? Enter this Giveaway for Your Chance

by Jackie Beck

I’ve teamed up with a bunch of other bloggers to give away a new iPad Mini 16GB (plus $50 via PayPal toward a case) to one winner. And it’s just in time for the upcoming holidays — wouldn’t that make …

Posted in Miscellaneous on 11.07.12 | 8 Comments

Why Save Small Amounts of Money?

by Jackie Beck

Getting 50 cents off here or $3 off there may not seem like a big deal, but over time small savings can add up to large amounts — if the discounts are on things you buy regularly anyway. (You’re not …

Posted in Miscellaneous on 10.15.12 | 16 Comments

Announcing the Debt Free Club

by Jackie Beck

Want to join the Debt Free Club? All the cool kids are doing it :) The membership requirements are pretty simple. You’ve just got to be working your way toward debt freedom — or already be debt free — and …

Posted in Miscellaneous on 12.29.11 | 6 Comments