Updated Pay Off Debt App

Great app to help you use the debt snowball methodAre you using the debt snowball method?

Well, I’m thrilled to tell you about something that can help out if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad: the newly updated Pay Off Debt app.

One of my favorite comments about the app to date said:

I just paid off my first debt thanks to this app! I swear being able to watch my % increase and my amount due decrease really helped me stick to the snowball plan. Just mailing monthly checks, and reading the statements isn’t as rewarding as this plan. Now paying off my debt feels better than shopping!”

Did you catch that last part? Paying off debt feels better than shopping. That really is awesome.
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Black Friday Sale

That’s right, it’s time for a 2012 Black Friday Sale here — one that’s going to last until Black Friday ends. It’s one sale that could help you out long after the holiday season is over!

My Pay Off Debt apps for iPhone and iPad are now just $1.99 — that’s 33% off their regular price.

No getting up pre-dawn or standing in line on Black Friday to get the deal required. Just click here to download Pay Off Debt from iTunes.

Pay Off Debt has helped tens of thousands of people use the debt snowball method — which is a way to systematically pay down debts that gives you quick wins and long-term success. I’d love to see it help you too!

Download Pay Off Debt today.